5 Tips To Start Your Diet Meal Plan In Singapore


If you’re someone who has constantly been trying to eat healthy or start your diet meal plan in Singapore, but failed, you’re not alone. We don’t blame you. There are simply just too many delicious foods in Singapore and we get all kinds of cravings everyday. Here are 5 tips to help you start your diet meal plan in Singapore today.

#1 Avoid visiting hawker centre and cafes

Yes, this is necessary. In order to prevent being tempted by all the local delicacies such as laksa or nasi lemak, pasta etc., you have to avoid visiting these places. That one simple and harmless meal you keep telling yourself is the one that constantly breaks your meal plan all these while. In addition to that, please also keep in mind to avoid fast food such as your favourite McDonald, KFC and Burger King chains, high carb and sugar content food.

#2 Find a keto store with a wide variety of food selections. 

Here at Carbs For Keto, we have a huge selection of food, snacks and even baking mix for you to whip up anything under the sun. Looking to snack on some chips, try our Ashgrove Cheese Amazeballs, all natural cheese snacks. Looking to have some pasta? Why not try our Slendier konjac pasta noodles? All our food products are specially sourced globally that would suit our Singaporean’s taste buds. 

Alternatively, you can also visit your local supermarket such as Sheng Siong, Fairprice and Giant to shop for fresh low carb foods such as vegetables, chicken breast, salmon fish and more. One of our favourite combinations would definitely be broccoli paired with salmon steak. Please note that you will have to also take note of the sauce used for your fish. If possible read the nutritional facts of the sauce to ensure that they are low in carbs.

Carbs For Keto offers a wide range of sauces to complement your meals so that these meals don’t have to be all plain and boring for you. Preparing pasta for your next meal, why not try our Slendier Keto Pasta Sauce - Basil (340g) that guarantees to give you the exact same taste as your normal pasta. Just because it is healthy does not mean it won't be delicious. This is because we have meticulously curated all the best healthy keto food products from all around the world, that would suit our Singaporeans’ taste buds and imported back into Singapore for you.

Eating healthy can sometimes be rather expensive, hence Tip #3 will share with you how you can save up while eating healthy.

#3 Packing For The Week

When you pack for the week, you are indirectly forcing yourself to commit for the week because if you don’t, all your money and food spent on meal prepping will be wasted. Think of it as signing a gym membership. A 6 months to 1 year membership forces you to gym for that specific amount of time in order to make your money worth. In fact, you actually get a slight discount when you plan for the week as the ingredients can be efficiently used while cooking in bulk instead of a one-time meal. 

Here at Carbs For Keto, we offer discounts when you purchase multiple products. We believe that eating healthy shouldn’t be expensive. As such, we try to ensure all our low carb keto products remain affordable for all of our valued customers. 

Pro tip: You can buy glass containers from Daiso for just $2 to pack your meals. These glass containers are airtight and suitable to be kept in the fridge. What’s more, it is easier to identify the contents inside of the glass container so that you do not bring the wrong meal.

#4 Tracking Your Progress

Consider creating a calendar or journal where you can jot down the food you ate, and the days you ate. You may also like to record down your weight progress to understand how much you have lost. At the end of the week, you can probably highlight some of the key points on what went right or wrong for the week that may have contributed to the increase or decrease in weight. 

#5 Reward Yourself

Treat yourself to a full pack of low carb, healthy keto chocolate bars by Vitawerx. Available at Carbs For Keto, these chocolate bars come in two sizes, 35g and 100g. Perfect for those who have a sweet tooth and are looking to reward yourself without feeling any guilt!

This is a very important tip. Please do not ignore this tip because rewarding yourself is something many overlook and as a result, they lose the motivation to continue. Losing weight and eating healthy is not an easy task and trust us when we say that we often lose our motivation after the first week or so. “I’m eating healthy, low carbs meals but somehow I’m not losing any weight. Why?

Well the truth is that 1 week or even 1 month of meal diet plan will not magically make you slimmer or lose weight. Your body needs time to adjust to the change and these changes will definitely take some time. These changes also vary from individual so don’t compare amongst your friends and or family members because your body is different from theirs. 


We have just shared with you 5 precious tips that you absolutely must know before starting your diet meal plan in Singapore. Yes, we understand that it is not going to be fast and easy, but it is definitely beneficial and healthier for you in the long run. Remember, eating healthy doesn't mean you need to eat expensive food. Visit our online store to find out more about the wide selection of healthy low carb keto food products we have for you. Don’t forget to purchase in bulk to get a discount (on certain brands stated on our website) and guaranteed 2 days delivery (for minimum order of $99) to your house or the order is on us!

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