#1 Best Low Carbs Keto Food For Ketogenic Diet Singapore

Low carb food curated globally for anyone who is starting a healthy low carb high fat ketogenic diet meal plan in Singapore.

What does it mean to eat keto in Singapore?

Eating keto in Singapore means you will have to cut down on your favorite hawker food to achieve a low carb high fat diet. Thankfully, here at Carbs For Keto, we provide a wide selection of keto food to help you satisfy almost all of your food cravings.

How can you ensure a keto or ketogenic diet in Singapore?

The only way to ensure a keto or ketogenic diet in Singapore is to be disciplined and ignore all the naysayers around you. Develop a meal plan and stick to it. Avoid visiting hawker centers and cafes so that you will not be tempted at all. Alternatively, you can ease into your keto diet by looking out for low carb options when visiting hawker centers and cafes. 

Do you offer keto diet meal plans and delivery in Singapore?

We do not offer keto diet meal plans, however, we do provide free & express keto food deliveries in Singapore when you purchase more than $99 with Carbs For Keto.

Frequently Asked Questions For Keto Food In Singapore

What is the hardest part of maintaining a keto or ketogenic diet in Singapore?

A keto or ketogenic diet in Singapore may be expensive for some, especially if you’re dining out. We recommend preparing your own meals with Carbs For Keto wide range of keto food that are affordable and seriously delicious.   

What are some keto food alternatives in Singapore?

Off the top of our minds, a popular keto food alternative that is readily available and accessible would be McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Salad. Be sure to order without the corns and sauces!