#1 Best Low Carb Healthy Keto Konjac Noodles Singapore

Largest selection of healthy low carb keto konjac noodles in Singapore for you to whip out any dishes you wish.

Carbs For Keto Healthy Konjac Noodles In Singapore

Here at Carbs For Keto, we have a huge selection of healthy low carb keto konjac noodles in Singapore, to satisfy all your cravings. From noodles to angel hair, lasagne and more! All our konjac noodle selections are already pre-cooked and ready to eat in less than 1 minute.

Guaranteed Delivery For Low Carb & Healthy Keto Konjac Noodles Within 2 Days Otherwise Your Order is Free

We will deliver low carb & healthy konjac noodles within the next working day if you order before 2pm with our express delivery option. Keep in mind that you either need to spend $99 or pay for the express delivery if you fail to hit the amount. This would give you the peace of mind that if we do not deliver your order on time, your order will be free.

Claim Your Free Ketone Test Strip For Every Order Of Low Carb & Healthy Keto Konjac Noodles.

With every order that we have at Carbs For Keto, we will provide complimentary ketone test strips that are worth $1.10. Ketone test strips are used to test the level of ketones in the body. The presence of ketones indicates that the body is in ketosis and converting fat stores into energy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Healthy Keto Konjac Noodles In Singapore

How Long Can I Store My Konjac Noodles In Singapore?

Singapore’s weather is rather humid and hence, we recommend consuming your konjac noodles within 3 days after opening the packaging. Remember to store all unused and/or cooked konjac in the fridge. 

Why Are Konjac Noodles A Healthier Option In Singapore? 

Konjac noodles have a key ingredient known as the glucomannan that creates a feeling of fullness and has shown to lower cholesterol and balance blood pressure.