#1 Best Low Carb Diet Food Singapore [Free Delivery]

Start your day right with Carbs For Keto's low carb food, suitable for a hearty breakfast and replace hawker food in Singapore for a low carb diet.

Carbs For Keto offers low carb food with free delivery in Singapore

We provide free delivery for your low carb food orders in Singapore for orders above $99 and above. In addition, you will automatically be upgraded to free express delivery with no extra charges. 

Guaranteed Delivery For Low Carb Foods Within 2 Days Otherwise Your Order is Free

We will deliver low carb foods within the next working day if you order before 2pm with our express delivery option. Keep in mind that you either need to spend $99 or pay for the express delivery if you fail to hit the amount. This would give you the peace of mind that if we do not deliver your order on time, your order will be free.

Claim Your Free Ketone Test Strip For Every Order Of Low Carb Foods

With every order that we have at Carbs For Keto, we will provide complimentary ketone test strips that are worth $1.10. Ketone test strips are used to test the level of ketones in the body. The presence of ketones indicates that the body is in ketosis and converting fat stores into energy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Low Carb Foods in Singapore

What are the best low carb foods in Singapore?

We highly recommend Ashgrove Cheese Amazeballs that would satisfy your cheese cravings with only just 0.5g of carbs per serving. Alternatively, you may also choose to indulge yourself with Vitawerx Chocolate Bar from just 2.9g of carbs per serving. If these aren’t the best low carb foods in Singapore, what are? 

What should I consume for a low carb diet in Singapore?

Our Slendier Lasagne meal is 99% fat-free, sugar-free, diary-free, soy-free and most importantly low carbs. Pair it with our all time favourite Slendier Keto Pasta Sauce and you have just whipped out a delicious & satisfying low carb meal, perfect for your low carb diet in Singapore. 

In Singapore, what food should I order at hawker centres if I want to consume low carb hawker food?

Unfortunately, there are limited choices for you if you want to consume low carb hawker food. However, you may still eat economic rice, without any carb servings, and only choose the leafy vegetables or proteins. If the store owner asks you if you would like some sauce, watch out for hidden carbs and sugars in sauces. Remember, discipline is key. Don’t be tempted by other foods!