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Australian Grass-fed, Free-range: Tenderloin

Product Description

Please Note:

All meat deliveries will be scheduled between 2pm-6pm, TUESDAYS - FRIDAYS.

Meat orders placed before 2pm today will be delivered the next working day between 2pm-6pm. Please ensure that there will be someone to receive the meat delivery during this time.


 * Sous Vide option available for an additional $0.80 per cut. Meat will be cooked to a default doneness of medium-rare.

*Marinade option of Black Pepper+ Salt+ Thyme available at no extra cost.

We have partnered with The Meatery to offer  the widest curation of halal-certified prime meats delivered to your door step!

Meet the meats: you probably know it best as Filet Mignon but this...frankly alien-looking anatomy is called the Tenderloin. ⁣ ⁣ The clue is in the name: this extremely underused part of the cattle is the tenderest part of the body. Occupying only about 1% - 1.25% of space, it is therefore the most prized cut and has inspired some classic dishes - Beef Wellington, Steak Tartare, Carpaccio to name a few. Or you could simply have them as medallions - wrapped in bacon or without - for a classic Filet Mignon.


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