Ketone Test Strips - Pack of 5

Product Description

Pack of 5 strips.

(Expiry: 25 DEC 2022)

Test your ketone levels with ketone urine test strips! Convenient and easy usage.

Directions: To Test Urine: Remove one strip and seal the ziploc immediately. Immerse the reagent area of the strip in the urine specimen and take it out quickly. Wipe off excess urine against the rim of the specimen container. Read the test results carefully within 60 seconds in a good light and with the test area held near the colour chart (2nd picture of product description).

NOTE: Changes in color that appear only along the edges of the test pads or color changes and readings that occur after 2 minutes are no longer accurate and have no diagnostic significance.

WARNING: Seal ziploc immediately and tightly after use. Store in a cool, dry place. For in-vitro use only

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